At ICS Collision Center, we provide many premium automotive collision repair services to get you back on the road in safety and style.

Frame Straightening

Frame damage is a serious problem that can disrupt your vehicle’s functionality. Whether you have been in a major or minor accident, our frame straightening service can help get your car’s frame back to its original shape.

Paint and Body Repair

Our paint and body repair services are sure to return your damaged automobile back to its original state. With our high-quality paint and color-matching technology products from Spies Hecker, you won’t be able to tell that anything was wrong in the first place!

Paintless Dent Repair

Our paintless dent repair helps to remove the common hail damage that comes along with Kansas storms. It also works great for removing door dings and other unwanted dents. As long as the paint surface is intact, we are able to repair a wide range of dent damage.

Fiberglass and Aluminum Repair

Fiberglass is a popular material used in the construction of exterior automotive features, such as car bumpers. Because it is less durable than other materials, it often takes special repair when it is damaged. Our team of expert technicians will provide the delicate repair that your fiberglass needs and can also assist in repairing aluminum — another material that is much different from steel and requires special precision when repairing.

Auto/Truck Glass Repair

Cracked windshield? No problem. With glass repair and windshield replacement, we can help you move past the chips and cracks that are often unavoidable for your windows or windshield.  

Decal and Pinstripe Installation

Give your vehicle the look you have always wanted! Our decal and pinstripe installation services give you a variety of customization options and help you to take pride in your vehicle!

Window Tinting

Discover the benefits that window tinting can have on both your comfort and your safety. Our window tints help keep your car cooler during the hot summer months and protect you from harmful UV rays. Tinted windows are also less likely to shatter and can help protect personal belongings by making it harder for potential thieves to see inside your car.

*Lifetime Warranty

With our lifetime warranty and commitment to only using high-quality parts, you can feel assured that you are receiving the best service for your vehicle.

* covers all materials considered under workmanship or supplier defects and not items due to normal wear and tear